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APY: 70%

Pool status: Open



APY: 200%

Pool status: Open


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Earn from premiums paid for options contracts, priority withdrawal for liquidity pool contributors, receive discounts on premiums paid for options contracts, access to insurance vault and empowerment through governance voting rights for the OCTION ecosystem.
Crypto investors, Crypto traders and OCTION token followers
Liquidity pool contributors will form the OCTION liquidity pool (aka the Writers) which receives the premiums paid by Holders when buying options contracts. The liquidity pool will also be used to payout any financial gains of Holders.
The removal of liquidity is contingent on whether your liquidity has been used to write a contract and the expiry of that contract. However, the platform is created in such a way whereby the longer the expiry of the contract, the higher the amount of premiums paid, which translates to higher profits for the Writers.
All transactions are facilitated via Smart contracts. All existing liquidity will be assigned automatically to all call and put options simultaneously, allowing for a pro-rationed aggregation against all options contracts in the OCTION ecosystem.
A “cliff” is a period where token holders are not allowed to transfer the tokens out of their wallets. This does not apply to all token holders.
A vesting schedule is a timeline which states to whom tokens are released to and the timing at which these tokens are released.
The ODF is used to guarantee withdrawals for liquidity pool contributors. It is used to fund any shortfall in pay-outs from the OCTION liquidity pool, be it the guarantee for OCTION token holders or for in-the-money option contracts.
You will need to participate in a staking lot. These lots represent a right to claim on the fees generated by the OCTION trading platform, aka the settlement fees.
If you wish to collect the settlement fee, you must lock in your OCTION Tokens into the staking lot. The minimum locking period is 1 day. After 1 day, you are free to withdraw your staking lots.